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Speedwell Catering Hire Limited from Hailsham East Sussex for table, chair, cutlery, glass, tablecloth, tableware & dance floor hire. Our delivery/collection service covers Sussex, Kent and Sussex/Surrey borders. Call 01323 833553 or 07710 483871

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Delivery charges
Fine White Elegant China for the Perfect Presentation

Dinner Plates, Starter Plates, Dessert Plates, Side Plates, Soup Bowls, Eared Soup Bowls, Dessert Bowls, Ramekins - all £0.18 each.
Demi Tasse, Demi Tasse Saucers, Tea and Coffee Cups, Saucers, all £0.18 each
Sugar Bowls, Milk Jugs, £0.75 each.
Coffee Mugs also available at 20p each.
China Bud Vase (shown above) £0.75 each,
Ashtrays                  £0.40 each,
Ramekins                £0.18 each,
Salt and Pepper      £1.50 per set,
We have a large selection of glasses available including:
  • Small Wine - Perception (6.5oz) - white wine/water
  • Medium Wine - Perception (8oz) - red/white wine
  • Large Wine - Perception (11oz) - red wine
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Champagne Saucers
  • Water Glasses
  • Pint glass - Straight glass or dimpled mug
  • 1/2 Pint - straight glass (hi-ball) or dimpled mug
  • Tumblers/Hi-ball/Slim Jim - 10oz
  • Sherry/Port Glasses
  • Whisky Glasses
  • Brandy Glasses
  • Punch Glasses
  • Shot glasses
  • Cocktail Glasses - 5oz Classic Martini shape £0.20
  • Fancy Cocktail - 10oz Martini shape £0.25
Water glasses
All the glasses listed above are £0.18 each (except where separately noted).

Tray of 24 glasses (wine, champagne, Hi-Ball) therefore £4.32 (or £5.40 including washing up service)

Champagne, wine and hi-ball glasses come in boxes of 24 only

Water, Pint (straight) - boxes of 20 only

Dimpled pint jugs - boxes of 12

Order quantities in multiples of:
Champagne & Wine Glasses      - case of 24 glasses
10oz Hi-Ball/Slim Jim                  - case of 24 glasses
Water & Pint Beer Glasses         - case of 20 glasses
Beer Jugs - Pints                         - case of 12 glasses
Cocktail glasses (regular)          - case of 15 glasses
Cocktail Glasses (large/fancy)   - case of 12 glasses
Other glasses                               - minimum 12 glasses
For our complete price list, please click here
Washing up service now only 25% on top of hire price, and FREE for orders with a hire value (i.e.excluding delivery) of over £500!
Prices quoted are what you would pay - we do not charge VAT.