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Other Tableware

Gravy / sauce boats (stainless)£0.75

Divided vegetable dishes (stainless steel)£0.75

Oven to tableware (White oval) - small£1.00

Oven to tableware (White oval) - large £1.00

Salad bowls 8" (Glass)£1.00

Salad bowls 10" (Glass)£1.00

Salad servers (fork & spoon)£0.50

Salad tongs (plastic)£0.40

Bread baskets£0.50

La cafetiere medium (8 cup/1 litre)£3.00

La cafetiere large (12 cup/1.5 litre) £3.50

Teapots 2 pint stainless£1.50

Teapots 6 pint catering style£2.50

Insulated 2L coffee jug (brushed stainless steel)£2.00

Wine bucket£2.00

Folding stand for wine bucket£3.00

Double walled wine cooler£2.00

Insulated ice pail£3.00

Corkscrew (waiters friend) £0.50

Chafing dishes (inc. 2 x gel fuels)£14.00

Gel fuel for chafing dishes (per can)£1.00

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