Other Event Essentials

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Cake Stands, Knives, Table Centres

Cake stands, round and square£15.00

Wedding cake knife£2.50

Table number Holder£1.50

Table number for above£0.25

China bud vase£0.90

Mirrored center plate 10"£1.50

Other Sundries

Water heater 25L£12.50

Coffee percolator 16L (100 cups)£22.50

Insulated coffee/tea jug 2L (brushed stainless steel)                                                                            £2.50

8L Kilner Jar Drinks Dispenser                                                                                                                £10.00

Soup kettle 10L                                                                                                                                          £20.00


12" stainless steel rounds                                                                                     
Wooden service trays    £1.50

SS oval flats 16" £1.00

SS oval flats 20" £1.25

SS oval flats 24" £1.50

Non slip waiter trays 14"£1.75

Ashtrays (Glass)£0.40

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